Thursday, 13 June 2013

We are off....nearly

So the girls and I are all set for our first holiday as a family of three, however with another six adults and one child also going we will be far from alone. I also suspect it will be far from peaceful, so today I have enjoyed a very relaxing day.

The girls were collected early by their dad (wearing mis-matched outfits as I had packed all their nice clothes!) and my mum and I went to get our hair and nails done followed by lunch. Very nice! This afternoon I have finished the packing and done the last few jobs (I’m still surprised at how much I can get done when I alone) All very chilled out really

Yesterday was a bit different however! I had piles of clothes in every room in the house that either needed washing, ironing, packing, or putting away, presents to wrap for CJ and a massive list of other “essential” things to gather together to some how be squeezed into my car. Packing for a British holiday always involves taking a bit of everything you own; shorts, sundresses, sun tan lotion and hats have to be packed with jumpers, wellies and waterproofs, travelling light is just not an option. I also had to print out directions, go into town to buy some nappies and mop the floor after CJ fell out with a bowl of weetabix. It’s at moments like this that you can really start to wonder why your even going away!

I’m sure the next week will be lots of fun, the girls are very excited about going away, playing on the beach and spending time with their cousin and I don’t doubt we will all have a great time. But for me it will be hard work. Being a single mum means there is no longer someone to share the load with and the responsibility for everything has to fall to me. We are going with family so we won’t be alone but I’m very conscious not to ask too much, it is after all their holiday as well. So today was my time and the next week will be all about making memories for my little ladies, which is what holidays are all about after all.

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