Saturday, 8 June 2013

Just one of those days

Today has just been one of those days when I wish I had stayed in bed. It started off ok with the girls managing to stay in bed till the sun came up on their gro clock (best invention in the world) but they were tetchy and grumpy with each other, refusing to share the book we were reading in bed resulting in it getting ripped. CJ was hard work to get dressed as she kept running off with her sisters clothes and IK refused to have her hair brushed. So when breakfast ended with a cup of milk on the floor and Coco Pops in the hair I feared for the rest of our day

We had to take a trip into town, CJ needed shoes, I had birthday presents to get, IK wanted to get her dad something for Father’s Day and we had a big list of other random other stuff. Getting out the house was hard work, IK insisted she didn’t need a wee, then CJ needed a poo and wanted to go on the toilet (she is still in nappies but loves to sit on the toilet - potty training when we get back from holiday I think). They wanted drinks, snacks, a teddy, bread to feed the ducks, different shoes and a cardigan. It was colder than I thought so once out the door we were straight back in to change from skirts to leggings. Then IK wanted a wee

Once we were finally on our way IK moaned and lagged behind, complaining of being bored. CJ was tired but refused to go to sleep in her pushchair, instead she kept taking her shoes off and then crying to have them back on. The both kept asking for sweets, a drink, a new doll, a magazine and everything else at their eye level. We nearly walked out the shop with three birthday cards CJ had helped herself to and a very kind woman had to come running after me with the teddy she had thrown overboard. The situation reached breaking point when IK nearly got run over by an old man on a motorised scooter and it took all my self restraint not to swear at him in front of the girls for going so fast on the pavement, in town, when its busy! Even a kitkat and a carton of juice didn’t cheer either of them up, although I was pretty happy to find out they now have 5 fingers, meaning I go an extra one. CJ eventually fell asleep and I broke my own rule about only having one snack before lunch and bought IK some teddy bear crisps for the walk home (which she told me later was the best part of her day)

So, three hours later we eventually fell in the door, laden down with shopping and with IK greatly in need of a wee and I decided we needed to re group. But the bread we were going to have for lunch was mouldy, IK woke CJ up by shouting causing much grumpiness from both and I managed to trap my finger folding up the pushchair. At this point in the day there was only one thing for it; Cinderella. She worked her magic and peace descended over my house. But it was short lived and we had more anguish and tears over dolls, books, bumped noses, bumped knees, the wrong yoghurt and even the wrong coloured towel. So I was a very thankful mummy when bedtime finally arrived.

On days like today I’m just grateful that we all made it through in one piece and that tomorrow is a new day, so we get to do it all again!!

Now pass me the wine, and make it a large one

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