Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The man jobs!

There are a few things that aren’t great about being single. It can be lonely, I have no one to go to the cinema with and I miss having someone to cuddle. But by far and away the worst is I now have to do all the man jobs. Now please don’t misunderstand me, I’m all for woman’s rights, equal opportunities and feminism, after 5 years at an all girls school its practically ingrained in my soul! But there are certain jobs I just think are man jobs – They are pretty much anything to do with the car, anything that involves tools or any job where there is a possibility of getting dirty

Now to be fair to the ex he was pretty handy, and once motivated, he could do most man jobs which meant I spend 9 years not having to. Now it is just me I have to face the hard truth either I do the jobs or they don’t get done. First problem, tools. I can operate a screwdriver and a hammer but everything else is beyond my skill set, so I decided for safety’s sake just to stick with these. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any pink ones, so I had to settle for red! Armed with my tools I set off into the slightly daunting and fairly dull world of man jobs.

I have found some jobs are ok; water in the screen wash, putting the bins out, changing the light bulbs or putting up pictures. Others are more onerous; dealing with the slug problem when I moved in my house (I HATE slugs), putting together CJ’s trike or sanding down and painting the table and chairs. My dad is great and is always on hand to help me (must needed when it comes to flat pack furniture), but I don’t like to ask for every little thing, so I have had to get better and quickly.

So when the shower starts overflowing again I get out my trusty plunger, when a cupboard door falls off I can screw the hinge back on and when I remember I check the oil in my car. Yes, I can do most man jobs….. but I really wish I didn’t have to! 

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