Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentines Day…..The Single Mum Way

That day of the year that all single girls hate (whether they will admit it or not) Valentines Day, was upon us again. Loved up couples seem to be everywhere you look and it can be hard to retain your resolve that single life is perfectly ok when it feels as though everyone else around you is part of a happy twosome..

So what are a single girls choices for valentines day? Go out with other single friends, bravely declaring ‘we don’t need men’ whilst downing shots and surreptitiously eyeing up that bloke at the bar who gets better looking with every short of tequila. Or sit at home with the every reliable combination of wine, chocolate & Bridget Jones’ diary. I am not officially too old for shots and as much as I love Bridget, I do just want to tell her to pull herself together. So how does a single mum spend Valentines Day?

Well my day started at 4.30 with CJ coming into my bed, followed closely by the cat. They both quickly fell to sleep, I did not. 6.00  and I hear IK talking to herself and realised we are going to all be up long before the sun appears on the gro clock. 10 minuets later and IK joins us in bed complete with blanket, books, a doll and snotty kisses. And so beings another normal day, apart from a trip to the out of hours doctor with IK meaning by the time I make it to bed I have been awake for a full 24 hours. #exhausted

An important rule for all single people should be Stay Off Facebook. It is full of pictures of flowers, chocolates, sweets, romantic meals that have been cooked and couples tagging each other in gushy status updates. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m truly not bitter or annoyed with anyone who is in a relationship, in fact it is quite the contrary, I am genuinely pleased that so many of my friends are happy, but an entire news feed of slushy updates and pictures of teddies holding hearts is a bit nauseating.

So my rainy valentines day simply involved lots of cuddles with the two people I love most in the world, chocolates (provided by me which meant I got what I wanted and I didn’t have to share them) and lots of giggles with two good, and single, friends. Not about how we don’t need men but randomly about mix tapes and sandwich fillings..

Being single can be tough, but then I also know being in a relationship can be hard work. Its would be easy to get into the ‘grass is greener’ mentality but the truth is it usually isn’t and being with the wrong person can be a very lonely place to be. Plus, there are a lot of things about being single that I like; I don’t have to share my chocolate buttons, I don’t have to watch any sport, or anything on Dave, I am more independent, better(ish) at making decisions and I also believe I am now a better mum..

So, would it have been nice yesterday to have been spoilt by that special someone? Absolutely. Am I sad and lonely? Definitely not, I may be single but I am certainly not alone.  

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